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Production & Rental Equipment

EAW KF730 line array speakers (24), EAW SM200iH monitors (8), EAW LA215 speakers (6), EAW LA212 speakers (2),

EAW SM202T monitors (8), EAW SM109z monitors (2), EAW LA400 subs (8), OPA dual18 subs (12), Guardian Audio LA210 Line Array speakers (8).

Misc. speakers: JBL EON615 powered speakers (4), JBL JRX115 speakers, JBL MS28 speakers, and many misc Peavey, Guardians Audio, Crate speakers.

Lab Gruppen FP6400power amplifiers (17), many misc Lab Gruppen and Crown power amplifiers.

Cm Loadstar 1-ton chain hoist with 60ft chains (4), CM Loadstar 1/2 chain hoist with 20ft chains (2), Genie SLC24 towers 

Lighting equipment: 16 Chauvet Rogue R2  moving spots, Erik Nelson Diamond Beam 330 moving lights (4),

Erik Nelson Pixel Eye 18 moving lights (4), Chauvet Intimidator 355Z IRC moving spots (8), Chauvet Intimidator 350 beam moving lights (4),  Erik Nelson Arena 4 blinders (4), Elation Six Par 300IP 24, several misc led lights.

Many other items for production event or rentals: Pipe & Drape, wireless microphones, projectors, screens, trussing, etc. Call 217-497-0285 or email



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